Warning Lights

The dashboard of your vehicle may cause confusion, especially in new cars with several added electronic systems and dozens of warning lights.
It is very important to know which lights need your immediate attention once they are on, so that you know whether you should stop or continue with your journey and deal with the issue later on.
Warning lights are categorized by color depending on the seriousness of the problem presented.

Color categories:

  • Red warning lights mean that you should stop immediately when it is safe, and contact us!
  • Yellow warning lights advise you that your car needs to be checked by a car mechanic.
  • Blue and green lights are informative.


5 Warning lights that should never be ignored!


Hand Brake Light

Make sure that you have not left the handbrake on.Otherwise, stop immediately when it is safe and contact us. Any problem with the brakes, the brake fluid or other related auxiliary systems, such as anti-lock braking system (ABS) or anti-slip system (ESP) can be dangerous for your safety.


Coolant Temperature

The Temperature warning light will illuminate if the engine overheats. Overheating can cause very costly damage, i.e. cylinder head gasket burning, cracking or warping cylinder head, pistons destruction. Stop immediately in a safe place, switch off the engine and contact our garage.


Engine Oil Pressure

The engine oil pressure warning light comes on when the engine has lost oil pressure or when the oil is not sufficient for safe operation. Stop immediately in a safe place, switch off the engine and contact us. If you do not stop in time, engine damage may occur.


Power Steering System

The steering warning light illuminates when there is a problem with the steering system. Even if it all seems normal in high speed, failure in this system is extremely dangerous in lower speed, as it can cause heavy steering, making it very difficult or even impossible to turn the steering wheel. If this occurs pull over when safe to do so and contact us for assistance.


Battery Charge

The battery warning light indicates failure in the charging system. If you are driving during daytime, switch off all unnecessary electrical items, such as air conditioning, heating, radio, etc., and drive the vehicle to a garage to receive professional assistance. If you are driving in the evening, switch off all electrical items that are not necessary and drive to the nearest safe place. The headlights will drain the battery and it will be very dangerous at night. Contact us as soon as possible!