Tips for Fuel Saving

The cost of our daily movement depends not only on the prices of fuel but largely and essentially on our own driving performance, as well. Change your road habits by applying the following tips and recommendations and benefit from the reduction in the fuel consumption of your vehicle:


Drive at constant speed, avoiding sudden stops and restarts.


Higher gears when the tachometer indicates 2,000 up to 2,500 (rpm) to keep the speed of your machine as low as possible.


Check the tire pressure regularly. Deflated tires increase fuel consumption.


Look ahead as far as possible, to prevent any incidents. This will help you maintain a constant speed.


Use the air conditioning economically, especially in the city.


Keep windows closed at high speeds. On the highway, even a single open window, increases fuel consumption.


Turn off the engine when the vehicle is stationary, for example in a traffic jam or intersection.


Drive the vehicle light. The extra weight increases fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.


Remove any accessories that are not used, such as roof racks and luggage carriers, as they cause aerodynamic deceleration.


Limit the use of electronic devices. The operation of electrical appliances consumes energy and fuel.