What is Periodic Maintenance – Service?

The Periodic Maintenance program is a schedule for vehicle maintenance, recommended by the manufacturer, in order to ensure the best possible condition and longevity of your car. It is a series of substitutions and checks, carried out at every specific period of time.
However, based on each vehicle’s condition (driver’s road behavior, climate, environment, etc.) we may recommend periodic maintenance at shorter intervals, or more specialized services, than the ones recommended by the manufacturer, in order to prevent potential problems.
At MALATHOURAS Auto Service workshop, our goal is to satisfy customers who realise that the periodic inspection, regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts increase safety and reliability. We provide service for all car brands, following meticulously the recommendations of the manufacturers and the provisions of the law. We always use certified parts from leading manufacturers.

We, at MALATHOURAS Auto Service garage, shape a relationship of trust with our customers, based on continuous communication, mutual understanding and professionalism.

    Garage work line:

  • Detailed record of all the comments and requests made by the owner
  • Technical inspection, problems evaluation, agreeing on the cost with the owner, start of repairs
  • Presentation to the owner of the vehicle repairs
  • Vehicle maintenance file update
  • Each repair conducted by an authorized technician
  • A Maintenance booklet kept with warranty work
  • Each car provided with a next maintenance card