Repair sub-systems in your vehicle are a very important task. This task should always be carried out by qualified technicians and must be accompanied by a guarantee. Systems such as engines, transmissions, suspensions, brakes, etc., require serious attention, as they are directly related to road safety.

At our workshop, we continuously invest in our technical training and in specialized equipment required by each manufacturer. We repair and overhaul all automobile systems, from engines and transmissions to alternators and starters, always using the highest quality parts. For our work we offer a one year guarantee.

Indicative Operations


We replace or overhaul all engines. We also repair or replace individual components such as cylinder head gaskets and flanges, belt or timing chain, sensors, turbine, cleaning or replacement injectors, inlet – exhaust manifold, catalyst and other components.


We replace or repair all automatic and standard transmissions, clutches, transmission fluid and seal services, transfer case service, differentials and axle service.

Suspension system:

We replace individual parts such as springs, control arm, control arm bushing, strut rod, ball joints, shock absorber, stabilizer bar spring, bushes, and other accessories.


We replace or repair the hydraulic, electric and electro-hydraulic power steering. We also replace individual parts such as tie rod end, bubbles, rack and pinion pushes, idler arm, and other accessories.

Cooling system:

We replace individual parts such as water pump, thermostat, engine water cooler – heating air cooler, oil cooler, hoses, seals, sensors, water hoses and other accessories.

Braking system:

We replace brake pads and shoes, brake discs and drum, brake fluid, sensors, hoses, lines, modulator ABS. We also repair or replace the brake caliper, master cylinder, wheel cylinder, vacuum power booster and other components.


We replace or repair the power starter, alternators, batteries, power window, sensors, light bulbs and all other accessories.