MALATHOURAS AUTOGAS has been an official member of the GAS service network since 2014, and the exclusive representative of ZAVOLI S.R.L. systems in Cyprus.

As a GAS service network member, our garage undertakes the installation of LPG-ALISEI and LPG- BORA systems of the Italian company ZAVOLI S.R.L. to any engine type (direct and indirect injection).

    • Zavoli Systems for single point injection and carburetor
    • Zavoli BORA 8th Generation Systems for multipoint injection
    • Zavoli ALISEI 7th Generation Systems (FSI TSI, TFSI motors)
    • Liquid spray systems Zavoli (ZLi)
Moreover, MALATHOURAS AUTO GAS provides a written 2-year guarantee for Zavoli parts, as well as engine warranty. Each installation is accompanied by a guarantee and maintenance book.


ZAVOLI Technology

The Italian company ZAVOLI is a leading brand in the global market in terms of design, production and installation of LPG Systems. Its products can be found in more than 30 countries.

All production processes are integrated and enforced in accordance with the highest quality standards and in compliance with ISO9001.

The LPG devices (kits) are produced in modern premises of 5,000 m² in Cesena, using innovative digital control systems which ensure maximum accuracy.

The LPG ZAVOLI systems fit perfectly on any type of car and keep 100% performance, as defined by each manufacturer.
Thorough quality control is carried out on each product, before and after the production process.


ZAVOLI is a pioneer in the field of development, as well. Through constant research and improving, it has fairly become the most reliable LPG company in the world, with the most effective products.