Is it legal to use LPG in vehicles?
Yes, it is legal!
The cabinet, exercising the powers granted to it under Article 5A of the Motor Vehicles and Traffic Act of 1972 motion by decree on 08.04.2016, has allowed the use of gas on vehicles.
In which cars can LPG be used as fuel?
LPG can be used in all petrol vehicles (regardless of fuel technology).
Our company, as a member of the gas service network, can supply you with ZAVOLI pure technology products that can be installed on any type of vehicle and any type of engine.
Can I install the LPG system on my new vehicle with direct injection?
Our company, as a member of the gas service network, can supply you with ZAVOLI pure technology products that can be installed on any vehicle including direct injection systems. Contact us, tell us the engine identification number of your vehicle, and we will provide you with the necessary information.
Once I have an LPG system installed can I still use petrol?
LPG does not affect the functions of petrol fuel system. The vehicle continues to run exactly as it did before. Now, however, it can also run on LPG.
Where is LPG stored?
We install a separate tank of high quality suitable for the use of LPG.
To place the LPG unit do you remove any other components?
No car components need to be removed for the LPG installation.
Can I choose what fuel to use while driving, and how do I do this?
Fuel switching is fast and easy with a switch on your dashboard. Even when the car is in motion, with a touch of a button the fuel changes without any further process.
How do I know when gas refueling is required?
There is an indicator of the gas level on the fuel selection switch. This is visible to the driver as a light display (led). There is also a level indicator on the tank.
What is the capacity of the tank?
The capacity depends on the size of the tank that is installed in the vehicle (from 45 to 110 liters). The gas range is almost equal to gasoline per liter.
When LPG is used does it smell?
The gas operation is a closed circuit which does not permit any gas leakage. There is an odour when the vehicle is operating on gas, in case the car is not well maintained. For instance, in case there is a hole in the exhaust system, or the seals of the trunk are worn with the vacuum generated by the movement, then the exhaust gas is transferred to the passenger compartment. The same scenario can happen with both systems.
Are there any gas stations for refueling?
Currently there are no approved licensed gas stations. Once legislation for gas stations is passed, LPG gas supply will be available in several petrol stations. For information on approved LPG gas stations you may refer to our website.
What advantages will I have with LPG?
The advantages of using LPG are many, such as fuel economy (the market price difference per liter), longevity of the engine and catalyst (more kilometers for oil and spark plugs because of the perfect combustion) and minimal emissions.
How much will it cost to install the gas device in my car?
The cost of installing a gas system in the car depends on the car technology, e.g. conventional carburetor or injection, catalytic single or multiple point injection, direct injection, hybrid, etc.
If I want to sell my car, can I transfer the gas system to my new car?
According to the current legislation, refitting the device from one vehicle to another can only occur if the two vehicles have the same owner and the same generation engines.
Is the vehicle safe after converting to LPG?
Yes, the vehicle continues to be as safe as before the conversion. Our systems consist of components that have all the necessary approvals and comply with all safety standards in their class.

The gas tank is especially designed for more resilience at rupture in case of a crash as safety and cutoff valves help to increase safety.