Air conditioning

Servicing and disinfection of air conditioning is considered necessary at the beginning of every summer in vehicles older than four years old, as refrigerant leaks result in reduced cooling capacity and increased fuel consumption.
Moreover, the strong odors, resulting from bacteria or mold, may cause allergies, asthma symptoms and respiratory problems, in addition to discomfort. We can check your air conditioner, especially before summer, allowing you to enjoy hygienic and high performance conditioning. 

Our expertise, experience and the latest technology we offer (Service unit ROBINAIR Italy and EVIDIS HELLA disinfector) guarantee optimum operation of the air conditioner or your radiator.

The air condition service (A/C) includes:

  • Air conditioning performance evaluation and connection to diagnostic equipment where necessary
  • Inspection and adjustment of compressor belt
  • Inspection of all A/C components for possible damage or leaks
  • Environmentally safe evacuation and recovery of old refrigerant and recharge to proper specifications stated by the manufacturer
  • Oil replacement where necessary
  • Leak detection liquid placement where necessary
  • Leak test using an approved electronic leak detector
  • Inspection of proper operation of controls, blower motor and engine cooling fan
  • Outlet temperature and system pressures analysis designed to determine cooling performance
  • Inspection of cabin filter and replacement if necessary
  • Antibacterial cleaning if necessary
  • Cleaning of condenser fins of debris and dirt

A/C Video