Economy – you are reducing your travel cost to half!
Your travel cost is reduced, since LPG fuel is cheaper by 45% – 50% in comparison to petrol. LPG fuel is marketed cheaper than petrol for two main reasons:

  • The gas price in refineries is lower compared to petrol
  • LPG is more environmentally friendly than other fuels, prompting governments to impose lower taxes by keeping the sales price at lower levels
The Cyprus government promotes the use of LPG as an alternative fuel with favorable taxation, as it occurs in all the European countries. The government has authorized a stable taxation for the next six years, until 2022, which will be 7 cents per litter, while the taxation for petrol 95 octanes is 45 cents per litter.
Almost same kilometers: A vehicle that requires 10 lit / 100km with petrol, with LPG it requires 10,5 lit / 100 km.


By installing the LPG equipment system in a vehicle the petrol system will stay in place. At any moment we can choose the fuel that we use with a switch on the inside of the vehicle even on the move. Thus, the prospect of a lack of LPG fuel stations is not a problem because we can always drive using petrol. The distance that the vehicle can travel increases because you now have two fuel tanks at your disposal.

Ecology LPG

(LPG) fuel is environmentally friendly, so it is often called “green fuel”. Emissions of an LPG engine are reduced compared to diesel and petrol by:
60% carbon monoxide (CO) than petrol and 90% than diesel
40% in hydrocarbons (HC) than petrol and 80% than diesel
60% in nitrogen oxides (NOx) than petrol and 60% than diesel
10% of carbon dioxide (CO2) than petrol and 5% than diesel
40% particles than diesel


The ZAVOLI LPG Modern Technology offers exactly the same engine performance (power, acceleration, top speed). In theory, LPG has lower efficiency than petrol when burned. However, bearing other reinforcing properties of LPG, such as cooling the mixture and the combustion chamber, higher octanes than petrol (about 110RON) and generally cleaner burning than petrol, coupled with a good setting of the system, it guarantees the same performance as petrol and in some cases even better.

Less Wear – Engine Endurance

LPG contributes to engine endurance, due to a cleaner burning fuel, which does not contain additives, resulting in less wear of the friction surfaces of the engine. Based on testimonials from taxi drivers who use LPG as fuel extensively in European countries, the lifetime of a petrol engine which has been converted for use with LPG exceeds 800.000km before it requires an overhaul.
In addition, a cleaner burning which leaves no residues causes less wear on individual engine components.

  • The life of the catalyst is extended
  • No deposits of carbon particles (soot) are formed in the cylinders
  • The spark plugs are much cleaner
  • The use of LPG causes less contamination of lubricants, since the LPG does not dissolve in them
  • The filter and oil changes are less frequent